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Why Schniz?


More than half of a century ago, Choobineh Sazan Company (owner of Schniz brand) was established and continued its profession by completely traditional methods in concordance with the culture, art and tools proportional to then. Monumental works such as reconstruction of Marble Palace, wood structures of Jamshidieh Park and the like are the products of the same era and the same traditional tools.

Over time, we have taken effective and solid steps for the growth and development of this industry. However, using the experience and brilliant records of the fathers, we replaced the traditional tools by modern full-automatic machines relying on the young management and ambitious ideas. In this way, we combined the lessons learned with the knowledge of the craftsmen and professionals.

This company comes with two brands i.e. Schniz, Reg. No. 176137 and Choobineh Sazan, Reg. No. 141597 as well as sign CS, Reg. No. 141597; all three signs are registered before Companies and Industrial Ownership Registration Department as well as in Trips Protocol in Switzerland and are under exclusive domain of this company.