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CE mark shows product compliance with the rules and specifications defined in the European Union. Product which is able to obtain this standard, can be manufactured and sold in all European Union countries and Europe free trade Union without restrictions. With CE certificate and logo the products can be found in the European markets. Schniz is the first company in Europe that holds CE in cupboard industry.

ISO 10002 : 2004

Tips for designing an effective and efficient system for processing customer complaints, The standard goal is customer satisfaction.

OHSAS 18001: 2007

The purpose of this standard is the health and safety of staff and manpower.

ISO 9001: 2008

It is standard for Quality Management System. The goal of this standard is continuous improvement, the clarity and transparency of internal processes, employee and customer, Satisfaction and so on.

ISO 14001: 2004

ISO 14000 is among series of standards in terms of environmental systems. The standard states product quality and service to ensure consistency with the requirements of environmental protection in the states.

IMS : 2012

The goal is an integrated management system. Integrated Management System Certification is result of organizations success in compliance with the requirements of the management system standards and international reference.