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Care and maintenance instructions

Care instructions All Products

Because the raw materials used in your cabinets a high quality, maintenance is easy.
Therefore, please observe the following items please.
Ashnyz use only for cleaning. Never solvents such as acetone, alcohol, harsh chemicals, vinegar, do not use abrasive materials such as sponges and rough, because the levels of damage.
Do not use glass cleaner.

To clear a soft cloth or sponge lockers levels of use.

* Do not use microfiber is better than paper because the deterioration of the cabinet. .

Stains quickly erase board surfaces, it is certainly much easier Fresh stains disappears.

Under no circumstances do not use water directly from water or steam.

Make sure the detergent consumption, remain on the board. Meanwhile, the paper Do not use too wet. Retention of liquids on surfaces can cause serious damage to the cabinets. In general, the cabinets always keep dry.

Decor time cleaning glass cabinets, make sure the detergent does not penetrate into the joints.

And a damp cotton cloth to clean the handles of use, the use of sponges and rough paper, to handle damage.

Never wet kitchen paper to dry, not hanging from the door or cabinet knobs, cabinet because prolonged exposure to moisture, causing serious damage to it.

Pakhvrhay under cabinet clamps are attached to the base of the cabinet, the cabinet can Pakhvr separate cleaning and after cleaning again put in place.

Each of the cases presented special maintenance is required. Please note the following points.
* Microfiber napkins with high absorption power without the use of detergents used to clean surfaces.

Care instructions cabinets with melamine (* MFC)

The most common raw materials used in furniture made by Ashnyz, because steel panels coated with melamine is used in this type of case is easier to maintain than other cabinets. In any case, observe the following is recommended:

We should note that melamine coating is resistant to moisture, but the brain are sensitive to moisture such products. So it is better to keep always dry cupboard surfaces.

Melamine is relatively resistant to scratches, but do not drag sharps MDF surfaces.

To clean this product is better than cleaning Ashnyz used.

Melamine Faced chipboard *

Wooden cabinets care instructions

The advantages of this color:
1. The wood gives a more natural state.
2. Never be layered.
3. This color devoid of any toxins, odors and pollutants from the environment.
It should be noted that these products just the same painting is done in the factory. It is essential to note that each type of wood has its own unique texture.

Cleaning this type of case should be Ashnyz cleaner, but unless access can be a mild household detergent used.

Washing and direct use of water, avoid isolated.

To clear the levels of dust, use a lint-free cloth, using a rough cloth over the wooden surface will scratch your cabinets.

Keep the wood surface is always dry. If wet natural wood over time will change the mode.

To protect the wood and natural veneer cabinets should be painted them. Ashnyz colors used in the manufacture of wood products, with common colors are quite different. For this reason, this type of paint to stick allows you to breathe. The pores of the wood remains wide open.

Reference Manual for the Care of pages of case procedures

Plates used in cabinets in several ways, which in the following, the better the types of products we mention.

Quartz pages:

If you see any scratches the surface, you can use the descaling solution Cif and green Scotch Bright (Scotch Brite), without the use of water, to eliminate any possible line Vakhsh or colored spots, Action photos.

Never clean the quartz plate, the sponges do not use because it causes the loss of the polished plates.

In case of bleach (macro dilution method) you use for cleaning, be sure to remember to place immediately with pure water to clean up the possible color change pages by staying bleach, be prevented.

Hot recommend the place any object on the page and make sure you cover the pot to avoid use cases. Because despite the resistance of the plate against heat, thermal shock resistance, there is the possibility of discoloration or cracking.

Acrylic pages:

In case of scratches, simply polished with time, the original beauty and luster will be.

The surfaces can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

Pages HPL:

A slice of bread and other food, not directly on the screen, as it may cause scratches on the surface. Cutting of timber for use.

China and coated underside edges are sharp, drag and chanting the dishes on the plates to avoid.

Accumulation of water around the sink and cabinets a long time prevent the corners of the screen and wipes it dry. Because in the long term, the loss of sealing and decay in case you.

Do not put hot dishes directly on the screen and below cabinets pot that is common in all homes, use.

Cleaner for Ashnyz, can be easily cleaned surface of the plate cabinets procedures.

Maintenance instructions High Gloss

Cleaning this type of case should Ashnyz cleaner and soft cloth and clean to use, because the gloss of these pages, create fine scratches over time is inevitable. This type of case is also beautifully, easily Lak and maintain it requires a lot of patience.

To clean it, you should use cotton cloth, cotton cloth which helps the shiny surfaces and sleek glass Perez and always stay there.

Note in the event of damage caused by wear, the manufacturer will not have any responsibility in this regard.

Maintenance instructions of wood doors

Cleaning and maintenance is adequate for wipes use this kind of doors.

Avoid washing and use straight out of the water.

Wooden doors are not directly exposed to direct sunlight.

To use a more detailed description can refer to the section Wooden cabinets care instructions.