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  • Life style Kitchen System
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  • Life style Kitchen System

This grand project has been constructed in NIAVARAN Royal Park. The kitchen of this apartment was very gorgeous and had big and magnificent skylights. With due observance to the said issue, the most natural walnut veneer with darkest color was used as if the space is not considered with the same dark color.
However, the kitchen has been constructed in a place between private sitting room and reception hall. Therefore, the designing team should draw up the plan masterly, so that giving services to both sides of the house is convenient.
Since customer had prepared the breakfast table himself, the island of this kitchen was constructed in an integrated form masterly, so that all sides of the kitchen can be accessed completely.
Another most important point is the removal of metal handles from major part of kitchen cabinets and also adding the cluster handle (built-in) made of wood which has given a special effect to this project.
Broadly speaking, removal of metal handles and also addition of cluster handle (built-in) made of wood are of salient aspect of this project.
“The atmosphere is a nice large park with abundant trees and greenery and walking pathways with parakeets and crows and cats flying and running around. The place is great for a 2-3 hour stroll in the morning when its cooler and the museums are worth visiting and the tickets are very cheap.”

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