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ABTIN4 Residential Project

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  • modern kitchen
  • modern kitchen
  • modern kitchen

It should be noted that the pictures are related to two separate units.

Most modern and flexible cabinets have been designed in the building, because, in designing them, there is no need to follow rules of classic cabinet. Therefore, some parts can be constructed with high height while so others can be constructed in short height. In general, we can have completely two contrasting halves. Unlike the classic work, it will add the beauties of work to a great extent.

In one of units, MDF (Medium- Density Fireboard) has been used while in other unit, natural veneer walnut wood is used which is considered as natural materials.

In the sink part, suspended cabinets have been used while in its opposite site, tall cabinets with high height has been installed as well. The island cabinets, which are connected to a breakfast table, gives enough space for free turning at the kitchen. In the same direction, a comfortable space is created for other family members. The cooking place at the unit has been installed masterly and intelligently by the constructor at behind the main or master kitchen in such a way that nothing can be observed from its opposite side. In general, the cooking place can provide light efficiently and also can offer the main services of the kitchen to the family members of the family.

As mentioned in above, Medium- Density Fireboard has been used in cabinet of kitchen with the highest quality materials.

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