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MEHRSHAHR Residential Villa

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  • Classic cabinets made of wood Asch

Luxury villa projects are equipped with the several intricacies and construction details. Although these villa houses seem as a single unit apparently, they have different spaces that should be constructed with certain delicacy meticulously, because, owners of these types of house prefer to have more wood work in their units. In addition, owners of these residential units prefer to design their residence “beautiful” in the best form possible.

The classic cabinets of this villa can be viewed from two sides. However, cabinets of kitchen can be viewed from two sides: one from private hall and the other from reception hall. The land area of kitchen is so large that can be installed a large cabinet inside it. Considering the large space enough for placing and storing containers, installing a large dining table in the kitchen in order to eat food along with family members was very important.

The color of stone installed on the cabinet was selected by the customer, so that the color of stone on the cabinet had a very good coordination with the stone paved at the floor of kitchen. Construction of a showcase and decorative cases at the environment of kitchen was one of the details that doubled the beauty of work.

The place of cooking food is located behind the wall of sink which food can be served to the main kitchen and private hall. Unfortunately, taking photography from this place was impossible due to the restriction of space.

At below part of this villa, there is a suite, as large as 150 square meters, which has been designed magnificently for entertaining and also accommodating guests. This villa is equipped with all welfare amenities. As you can see in the picture, the modern cabinet of this suite is combined with a special library which is unique of its kind. In addition to kitchen, all wardrobes and closets of this villa have been designed by the most experienced and expert team.

his masterpiece.

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