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PARSIAN Residential Project

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Five-unit PARSIAN Project is constructed on a land area as large as 1,000 square meters. Due its specific location, the total units in the four sides are fed by the sunlight. The building has been designed masterly which has caused kitchen to be placed between private and reception halls. In general, food can be served from kitchen to two directions of house easily. The interior design of units at the building is coated with white color. Thus, kitchen has been constructed and painted in whitewash color and also Asch wood. Doors of cabinet in the kitchen have been constructed in the frame mode simply without any ornamentation.

These two salient characteristics place the type of design and lines of view between classic and modern design as well. It should be noted that kitchen’s cabinets have been placed in two rows opposite each other in a rectangular- shape space. The surface stone and tile between cabinets have been selected with dark (black) color which has caused more effect of white color in this space. Tall closets have placed appliances inside and one part has been constructed in suspended form. However, a small counter has closed the end of work. The breakfast table is located in the vicinity of kitchen which has caused openness of space inside kitchen and convenience of users.

It should be noted that lockers (closets) have been placed in different parts of the house, each of which is used for particular purposes.

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