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Sufficient and enough space is usually needed for the construction of classic cabinets, so that symmetry and principles of classic design can be implemented and constructed in it. The land area used for the construction of kitchen in this project was not so large. Despite small land area allocated for the kitchen, enough and necessary spaces were constructed and designed for installation of dishwashing machine, washing machine, gas cooker, oven, etc. For synchronization of showcases, window behind the sink was taken into consideration. By installing an inscription above the window, this part was also added to the cabinets visually.
The use of white quartz stone helped openness of the space greatly. In Island part, a table was also constructed and designed for breakfast table, the issue of which was found appropriate for a family of three members of our dear customers in terms of efficiency and efficacy.
With due observance to the said issue, use of quartz stone in white color helped openness of space to a great extent as well.

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