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Actual meaning of organization

Today, the need for more efficient systems for optimal use of the closets is quite tangible. To meet these needs, Schniz has considered Multi Forma closets.

In this systems, closets have been designed in various forms; so that they can be combined together.

These closets are available as follow:

Closets with soft close sliding door

Closet without soft close sliding door for Walk-in Closet space

Closet with opening door

All above products come with the following specifications:

  • Displacement feature;
  • Lighting feature;
  • Feature for installing different accessories such as trousers hangers, tie places, belt places,
  • In the Meanwhile, this kind of closets have been designed in suitable forms for men and women;
  • In closets, it is very hard to use upper racks of the closet, while using hangers in closets with heights of over than 2m, it is possible to optimally use outlaying spaces in the upper side of the closet.